Friday, February 18, 2011


 The purple majesty
Got the post-Valentine's day sweet tooth blues? Well, there ain't nothing better to cure an empty box of chocolates than one of those moist little cakes topped with creamy, icy goodness. Now, I know the cupcake trend may have already hit its peak, but I can't help but say....I still love these little babies. So I decided to taste hundreds of cupcakes (twist my arm) and added thousands of calories to my diet (I might need to start pilates) so that I could give you my Top 5. I mean, if you're going to partake, why not bite into some of the very best. There may even be some surprises on this list.

1) The Manila Machine - Wait. A food truck? I'm picking my favorite cupcake from a food truck? And the answer is YES. While the pork belly adobo is mighty tasty from this Filipino restaurant on wheels, it's their UBE CUPCAKE that is a game changer. This purple yam cupcake topped with coconut butter cream frosting and a little toasted coconut for texture, is in one word -- phenomenal. Trying to get it is tough -- there's limited quantity and their location is constantly changing. But when you do have it in your grasp, hold on to it! It might just be the holy grail of cupcakes. 

Every time I see this sign I have to pull in
2) Frosted Cupcakery - Oh the DOZENS of cupcakes I've eaten at this charming little corner shop on Highland in Hollywood (there's also a location in Long Beach). Always amazingly fresh, their cupcakes score high in flavor and variety. And their unique "cupcakes of the month" are never a let down (I mean, Cornbread Bacon Cupcake!!). Personal favorites: Lemon w/ Cream Cheese and Chocolate w/ Coconut Buttercream. Their holiday Egg Nog Cupcake also rocks! 

3) Vanilla Bake Shop - This pretty little bakery in Santa Monica serves up some of the best "cupcake babies" in town. At 3 minis for $5 you get the opportunity to break up your sugary experience and try the rotating variety of flavors that changes daily. Personal favorites: Sweet Pumpkin with Dusted Graham Cracker and Meyer Lemon Raspberry

4) SusieCakes Bakery - While this homey little bakery in Brentwood is mainly known for their yummy cakes, they should definitely get props for their signature "frosting-filled cupcakes". Oh yes, they are delicious. Personal favorites: Chocolate Mint and Peanut Butter

5) Sprinkles - Oh come on. Did you really think I'd forget the mother of all cupcake bakeries? The one that started it ALL? Never! I can remember standing in a line that stretched down Little Santa Monica Blvd. waiting to try the "most talked about" 'cupcake experience. And I enjoyed every minute of it. I still do. Cause the lines are still long and the cupcakes are still tasty. Personal favorites: Ginger Lemon and Pumpkin


  1. i of course think the ube cupcake is the best in town! love the pina colada at Frosted, the strawberry at Susie Cakes and the pumpkin at Sprinkles! You should check out the pistachio at Crumbs or the banana caramel!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorites! :)